Being Ok in Place

Can I be ok right here, right now?
So, I gained a few pounds in the last week.  It was Easter and then Pad Thai night and then I was off on business at a hotel in Boston.  I didn’t get much exercise and I now weigh 232.5 pounds.  Do I need to panic?  No, no, of course not.  This day will go along no matter the physical mass of my body.
The less I weigh, the better I feel physically, but I don’t feel awful in this place, I feel quite well actually.  Do I need to only drink juices all day or only salads?  No, what I want to do is just keep eating the way I have over the last months.  Eat what I feel like eating in the moment.  Maybe a salad for breakfast or a hamburger, maybe soup for lunch, but with a piece of nice chocolate afterwards.  I have been eating well for my body, not because I have to, but because I am craving healthy foods. I enjoy how they taste while I am eating and I enjoy how I feel afterwards, lighter, full of energy.
Plus, I make it a point to move everyday, partially because it keeps my weight in check, but mostly because I love being out in the woods climbing up a hill or riding around Western Mass on my bike.  It has been much more about me being in the present and sensing what I need in the moment.
The last few days I have been in situations that have led me to feel out of balance and my weight went up and now I am returning to the way that has been making me feel better and my weight will do whatever it will do, but I will return to balance.  I am happier in balance.  That is what is important.

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  1. I think that when someone is in the habit of eating healthfully for the most part, they are fairly in tune with what their bodies need on any given day. I notice that when I am in a groove of eating well, the foods that my body craves most, are whole, natural foods. I also notice that when I am eating mostly vegetables, with little protein or carbohydrates, my body will start craving eggs, cheeses and brown rice (or other whole grains). I have also noticed that when I consume enough “good fat” (i.e. avocados, coconut oil, seeds and nuts), I feel very satiated and rarely get “bad” food cravings. I also think that dark chocolate has a HUGE part to play in curing the sweet tooth..a little goes a long way in the craving department.

    Danielle Perry
    M.S. Nutrition

  2. Jason says:

    Hi Bill, just checking out your blog! I can really relate to a lot of this; learning what it takes to be in good health has taken a long time but I'm getting there… and it's not quite what I thought it was.

    When people say they don't have enough willpower to lose weight and get in shape, I kind of think, if it was about willpower I'd ever lost 50 pounds over the past few months. It's all that old advice that's kept me stuck for so long. It's a whole different approach: I'm GIVING my body everything it needs, not taking anything away. Sometimes it takes a while to learn that my body doesn't LIKE that stuffed, bloated feeling, but it's a learning how to give my body more, not less. It's kind of effortless effort… paying attention to my body, and when I'm hungry, EATING! Not denying myself anything. Somehow when my body learns I'm not denying it anything, it gets a lot easier.

    I've also noticed that eating chocolate consistently really helps keep all my cravings in check. Rather than stuff myself with carbs, I can savor a couple pieces of chocolate, and let go of the craving. Once in a while I'll have more, whatever. But that's been huge in keeping away cravings. My body needs sweets; so I give it sweets. Nothing is off limits; I'm just more aware.

    I used to try to eat sandwiches with that low calorie white bread stuff… now I forget the “diet” stuff. I eat whole wheat or multi-grain sandwiches with bread that has at least twice as many calories but more fiber and it keeps me satiated a lot longer! When I'm in tune with what my body needs, it doesn't have to keep searching for something else.

    — Jason

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