Being sick is good for my health

I treat myself the best when I am sick.  First of all, I finally give myself permission to relax.  Forgetting all the things that seemed so important, my body has time to heal.  I buy fruit and vegetables and actually have time to use them.  Cooking all my own food, I eat better.  I make healthy teas and dishes full of veggies.  I give my mind time to connect with my body and find that it knows exactly what I need.  I feel how eating too much sugar hurts my stomach, how eating ice cream fills my body with phlegm.  I give me time for me and my body begins to respond by getting better.  The amazing thing is that if I were able to slow down in the first place and listen to my body I probably wouldn’t have gotten sick at all.  So, the lesson for today is to slow down and listen (even when I get better).

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