Biking in the Middle of Nowhere-Confessions Day 38

3 Responses to “Biking in the Middle of Nowhere-Confessions Day 38”

  1. Karen Totman says:

    Love that you are cycling! Great excercise and great way to be in nature.

  2. Emily says:

    What happened? No blog for the last two days. I am missing my fix. You blog is the first I have followed and I am inspired. My sister in law who lives in Hania, Crete, introduced me to the blog. Please don’t quit on us!

    • bill says:

      Hi Emily,
      Thanks for checking in with me! Haven’t given up. Friday I had a technical error I couldn’t solve while on vacation and Monday I had to go to Boston. They are all going up today! I am glad you are enjoying them! We are hoping to go to Crete in November and see Karen while we are there.

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