Confession of Bill (Bradley), the not really overweight dietitian

Ok, here it goes.  I am not sure I have really been an overweight dietitian since I began this blog.  Maybe briefly.  Actually, most of the time I have been an obese dietitian.  At the height of my weight last year I was edging towards being morbidly obese.  Those words make me want to yak.  My wife doesn’t even want me to say the word “obese” in context to myself ever again, but I need to say it just a few times.  It is a label and as most labels go, it is a hurtful and not incredibly helpful one.  You don’t need to tell someone they are morbidly obese to let them know they are probably not well.  In most cases, they know it and they don’t need to be reminded.  It is the formal way to label someone fatso or tubbalard.  I hope that I never say to anyone that they are obese even if they ask.  My Mom spent her life being overweight and scarred by it in many ways and I am sure it was no less painful to have a doctor tell her she was morbidly obese than to have some kids yell “hey fattie” too her as she walked down the street.
I am not getting healthy right now because I am obese.  I am getting healthy because there are things in my life I want to do.  I am tired of having no energy.  I am tired of my body hurting because of what I have done to it and what I can change.  So, I am committed in a way I haven’t been in years, but not because of a stupid label, but because I simply want to feel better.
And just so you know I am 4 and a half pounds away from being simply an overweight dietitian instead of an obese one.  Dumb.  Want to know the more important thing?  I am feeling better and better everyday from moving and eating well and being alive.

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