Confessions of an Overweight Dietitian-Day 3-Listening to my Body

My body always knows best what it should be doing next.  It knows whether to take a nap or go for a walk or what to eat.  When I am disconnected from my body I don’t treat it well.
When I am in my body I know what to do.
What keeps me in my body?
Being in Nature
Staying in a Conscious State of Being

Foods that I know are good for my body:
Grass fed animal products (at certain times)

Foods that I know are not good for my body:
Too much dairy
Ice Cream
Processed Foods
Too much coffee

Foods that I am not 100% sure about:
Cheese (Dairy at all)
Other grains

What is your list? (Hint:  do this when you are feeling in your body)

A great resource on intuitive eating (eating with the wisdom of your body)

3 Responses to “Confessions of an Overweight Dietitian-Day 3-Listening to my Body”

  1. Jon says:

    you're absolutely right, you need to listen to your body.
    Recovery is every bit as important as the exercise. No reason to do overly strenuous exercise every day. 2-3 times / week is plenty. the rest should be very moderate or low impact like walking.
    As for food, I would lay off the beans for a while and see how you feel. Would also ask about fat. What sources of fat are you including? Coconut oil? Avocado? Olive oil? Pastured butter? Other? Need to make sure you're including plenty of good quality fat.
    Keep up the great work! loving the videos.


  2. Bill Bradley says:

    Thanks for the comment. I find that I need to move in some way every day. This motivates me to eat well and gives me more energy for the day. I agree with you that I don't need to over do it.
    As far as fat, I mostly have olive oil in my diet, very little other fat except for nuts and grass fed meat.

  3. Mary says:

    I know that my body feels and works best when I have small meals/snacks throughout the day. Some veggies, fruit, soy [tofu], beans, organic free-range eggs, nuts, seeds and olive oil. I do also like vinegar, herbs and spices. I also enjoy using my juicer to extract yummy juice from my veggies. I also drink lots of water, some rice milk and eat Greek-style low-sugar plain yogurt.

    Sometimes I 'feel' like: ice cream, chocolate, cake, cookies etc. the bad stuff. I try to keep moderate tabs on my intake of those foods and take 'note' of how I am feeling when I crave those food-to see if there are negative patterns with those poorer choices. Usually, I'll eat fruit over cake, when there is a choice. Sometimes I just want a cupcake.

    I too like to 'move' everyday: walking or yoga. When I haven't exercised, stretched or done something, my body feels weaker than when I've exercised. Also, the days I exercise, I don't get the afternoon 'slump' feeling I sometimes get on days I haven't exercised.

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