Creating a fun goal around health

I just finished a five mile walk.  It was easy, helped clear my head, and made my body feel better.  I have a goal to walk 20 miles in one day.  I will be doing it with 40,000 other people in Boston in an effort to raise money for the hungry in Massachusetts.  Last year they raised over 4 million dollars.  The thing about it is this:  I am getting myself in shape getting ready for something that is fun, inspiring, and helpful to others.  So often, we go to the gym with a dreariness because we don’t really want to be there and the only purpose is to make ourselves healthier.  It is a good goal, but it isn’t always enough to make us want to go.  If feels lifeless.
On the other hand, challenging yourself to do something that will help others, be fun, and be healthy for you, now that’s a different thing altogether.

Find something that sings to you and join in.

For more info on the Walk for Hunger

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