Where do we get faith?  We all have some, faith that there will be a new day, faith that our car will start, faith that our lover won’t leave us.  That kind of faith seems easier than the kind that says “everything will be alright” or “we can get whatever we want.”  Maybe, we don’t really want to have everything we wish for.  Would that be too much?  Of course, in the end, some things we truly have faith in fall apart, at least once in your life their isn’t a new day, or your car doesn’t start, or your lover does leave you.  Is the other side true as well?  Is everything truly alright, can we get whatever we want?
I sometimes wonder if there is a way to manufacture faith.  I know I feel more of it when I am really in my body, when I can feel spirit all around me.  I also know that I can get in my body and spirit if I do some supposedly simple things everyday- meditating, exercising, journaling, eating well.  All of these things increase my body and spirit awareness, but yet I don’t always do them.
I say I want something, but I don’t do the things I know will get me there.
Should I have faith that when I really need to do them, I will?
Or should I just begin today?

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