Fear and Loathing – Confessions Day 22

I have noticed myself being fearful of all kinds of things over the last few weeks. Money, health, relationships, business, all the normal stuff anyone has fears and worries about, but, for me, they seem to be piling up into a big pile of negative poop. It is not even a completely rational thing. Looking from the outside most things look fine.
One thing I know is that, in the past, I would deal with this angst by overeating or drinking or by using some other activity to cover up my pain. So, if I take those things away then what do I do with these feelings? Have them, I suppose, but that hasn’t been one of my strong suits in the past.
If these feelings aren’t dealt with than surely it is the end of me taking care of myself. If I got to 192 pounds and still had these same feelings than at some point I would overeat or drink.
What to do?
Well, I will begin to look for the answer. There is always an answer. If I don’t have it now, I will have it soon. I want to deal with this so I can continue on my path to wellness.
Anyone else know what I am talking about?

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  1. Kate says:

    Hey Bill and Christine,

    This was a great interview. It’s so good to see how supportive and loving Christine is.It was an intimate moment and even misted my eyes a bit;)

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