Getting Ready to be Thin

You need to not just eat well and exercise to lose weight.  You need to prepare yourself for being thin.  Why did you gain weight in the first place?  Were you depressed, lonely, in a bad relationship?  Were you stressed out or maybe thought that daily gallon of ice cream would be helpful?  The ironic thing is that we often gain weight because we want to push people away or not be seen.  Are you ready to be visible again?  Are you prepared to start really living your life in a new way?  If you are waiting to be thin before you really begin living your life maybe it is time to start living your life now in a way that will lead you to being thin.
I have had great adventures in the last few months.  Giving up drinking has led me to my emotional world.  Giving up gluten has led me to feeling drastically better in my stomach and chest.  Hiking or biking everyday has reinvigorated my body.  As I move from fatness to fitness I am seeing the things that led me to being overweight (in fact, obese) in the first place.  I don’t do well with stress.  I used to use drugs in order to calm myself down.  Now, I try to just slow down and breathe and the exercising helps as well.  I was hiding problems with my memory and general thinking by doing things that were just making it worse.  As I open more to my own life I see that there are alternatives to everything I was doing that are more supportive to myself and my purpose.
I am preparing myself to be seen again by buying better clothes, socializing more and getting support when I need it.  Preparing to be thin is the best possible way to be ready when you arrive.
Are you prepared?

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  1. Lisa Tener says:

    Prepared and inspired! How brilliant to address the issues before getting thin.

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