Gluten Free/Alcohol Free

Well, it has been over four months since I have had a drink (except for an occasional sip) and a few months since I have had gluten (except for an occasional bite).  What have I noticed?  I haven’t had a prilosec for weeks, maybe a month.  I have much less pain in my belly and my chest.  My mind is clearer, I can remember things better.  I am more in touch with my emotions.  A lot of emotions have come up and there are more to come.  Anger, shame, sadness all held down nicely with a drink or two or too much food.  I feel more possibility now and I also feel my fear more.  It is all nicely in and around this body of mine.  I get excited about what is next and I also get scared.  My next goal is to drop 40 pounds, mostly just to feel better in my own skin.  It is all attached to everything else.  The more emotions that are bubbling the more I want to eat, but once I have the emotions than the clearer I become and the ability to do what is best for me becomes easier.  Feeling becomes easier, being present seems like a cool place to be, peaceful and amazing.  Moving even becomes meaningful.  Moving is where it’s at.  It’s one more thing that brings me closer to God.

2 Responses to “Gluten Free/Alcohol Free”

  1. Lisa Tener says:

    You're an inspiration, Bill. I've thought about going gluten free–wondered if it might make a difference for digestion and health. While my blood test showed no gluten issues, I heard that's not a reliable test.

  2. Bill Bradley says:

    I believe I had the test a few years ago to, with no apparent issues, but I have to say I feel incredibly better. Of course, it is a mix of things, but I would recommend just trying it for a couple of weeks. There are so many great substitutes now that it is hardly ever a problem!

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