Guidelines to Eating Mediterranean

Guidelines to Eating Mediterranean
Majority of food is unprocessed.
Fruits or vegetables are eaten in quantity at every meal.
Whole grains are emphasized.
Beans, nuts and seeds are major sources of protein.
Lean red meat is eaten no more than once per week.
Choose lean meats and limit serving sizes to 3 ounces.
Fat sources are mainly monounsaturated. 
Diet is high in Omega-3 fatty acids (i.e.-fish, flax oil).
Low-fat cheese and yogurt are used in moderate amounts.
If alcohol is consumed, it is at mealtime and in moderation.
Desserts are mostly fruit based.
Activity is included daily with a combination of cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises.
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    Thanks for the specifics–I enjoyed the recipes in your cookbook on Foods of Crete.

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