Hamburger and Fries

It was an incredibly busy day.  I felt stressed out and wanted desperately to just go to our local hamburger joint and have one of their juicy burgers on two corn tortillas with cheese, peppers, and onions and a nice big fat serving of french fries with at least a half a cup of ketchup.  I planned my night.  First, I would go eat the burger and then I would drive home, go for a walk, write in my blogs, wait for Christine to come home and then go to bed.
But somewhere deep inside me I knew the truth.  If I ate that burger I would probably go home, sit on the couch, watch something on the computer and fall asleep.  It was the new, ‘more dedicated to his purpose’ me versus the old ‘give up on the world’ me.  I found myself unconsciously heading for the burger place.  I parked my van, turned off the ignition and just sat there.  There was an argument going on in my brain.  I was craving meat, I must need it.  I needed the animal protein and saturated fat after all the healthy food I have been eating the last few months.  Was it my emotions, my brain, or my body that was craving the meal that would be so easy to obtain?  Just walk a hundred more feet, order the meal, wait ten minutes and eat.
I don’t really know what clicked while I was sitting there, but without much more thought I just started up the van, drove out of the parking lot and came home.
I made some homemade hummus and ate it with gluten free crackers, a big salad with Gorgonzola cheese and my own Dijon vinaigrette dressing.
Then I went for a 3 and half mile walk and now I am writing in my blog.
I still have the emotions that I had a few hours ago, the ones that I once would have tried to drink or eat away, but I have let them settle for a few hours and I have managed to do a bunch of things that are good for me so I will call it a night and will eat the hamburger and fries on another day when my body really does need a good greasy, high protein meal with some fried potatoes and a half a cup of ketchup.

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