I Like it on Top

Today I went hiking because I wanted to.  I knew exactly where I wanted to be: at the very top of the mountain, looking over my community as friends and family woke up to start there day.  I hiked today not to lose a pound or because I committed to do it, I did it out of pure joy.
I met an ultra athlete at the top and did a short interview with him.  He was going to go back down to the bottom put some sandbags on and go back a couple of more times.  He suggested that I put 15-20 pound weights on so that I would burn more calories until I pointed out to him that I already have a 40 pound sandbag wrapped around me, I just can’t take it off when I get back to my car.  Hopefully, over time it will be gone and I will have the luxury of throwing some sandbags on my body just for the extra burn.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your posts! Keep up the fine and consistent work!

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