Interview with the Sabotage Me

There is a part of me that likes to give up, it takes an idea of mine and rips it to shreds.  It is a tricky little dude I call “Sabotage Me”.  I felt it’s presence strong and clear today on my hike so I decided to do an interview with him.

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  1. Jon says:

    Bill, great post! Everyone has a sabotage me that tries to defeat their progress or change of any kind and it's important to recognize it. My approach was to tell it to go F itself and once I had the plan (go Paleo for 30 days and see what happened) I did it cold turkey with zero hesitation.
    It helps that after reading The Paleo Solution I understood the mechanisms that drive hunger, weight gain, inflammation and health and how our diet effects our hormones and metabolic conditions. It all made sense. Knowing the reasons made it easier to make better food choices and listening to my body's response to food made me more “present” as you say.
    I have an additional sabotage me called my family working against me as well. Nobody else in my family has adopted my diet, even though it clearly has had a beneficial effect on me. I'm constantly surrounded by pizza, soda, candy, popcorn, pasta, ice cream and other garbage because that's what my wife and kids eat. This does not determe from my diet but it does create an enormous amount of friction as they think my diet is extreme and I feel the same way about there's, with the difference being that mine is a healthy one.
    Keep up the posts and stay on target!

  2. Fish says:

    HEY! I recognize that sabotage guy! He’s the one that says “I can’t” before I even know what I’m trying to do. My past interactions with him have always been marked by struggle and tension. I have tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to reject him and leave him behind. SO I like your strategy of acceptance and making peace with him. He is part of me and you, after all. There are reasons why he is part of us.
    So I will try that model, making peace, accepting, being aware that he will always be talking and to allow that to happen, while resolving not to let him guide any actions I might take.
    Thanks Bill, you are an inspiration.

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