Oh, for the love of God!

Ok, I completely fell off the bowling ball bandwagon.  It is always something, but the biggest thing was that it was difficult to follow the eating plan I was on because I was not eating enough.  I lost a lot of weight the first two weeks and then it started going back on.  Then I became obsessed with the scale and it all went downhill from there.  I am returning to the thing that has seemed to work the best in the past…. Exercise.  Christine and I joined the gym this morning.  It felt great to be there again.  I think the thing that worries me is starting and then stopping again.  I would like to go every day that is reasonable Monday through Friday.  Especially, since I have decided to not do more workshops for the next year it should be much easier to go.  It is just discipline, enjoyment, and commitment.  I need to have fun, I need to go when I don’t want to and I need to commit to this course.  How about just commit for the next week?  I commit to go to the gym today (easy, already went), tomorrow, and Friday.  Wednesday and Thursday I have workhsops (early) and may not be able to go, but I will try.  Only one month of workshops left and then I will only be consulting 25 hours a week, writing and working on my video projects!  Let’s go exploring.

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