Snow Day Cravings

I woke up to a foot of snow this morning. I was supposed to visit some schools today so I went to my computer and found that it was a snow day. And then I found myself craving Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, yes, the one in the box, the original that you add 1/4 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of butter to that fluorescent orange powder to make a creamy, high fat, amazingly delicious meal. I remember that there were times when I would eat the whole box. Sometimes, my Mom would add some overcooked frozen broccoli as a side dish which I would always eat first so I could forget about it and focus on the delicate yumminess of the snow day. I would eat until there was nothing left and I would have a dreamy high afterwards.

I went out to snow blow the driveway and about 20 minutes in I started thinking about the mac and cheese again. It was so vivid, I could taste and smell it. Then I started thinking about one of my Mom’s tuna sandwiches with crunch potato chips. Again, another snow day kind of meal. My Mom wouldn’t drain the tuna so it was always a little soggy and usually would have some chunks of celery and plenty of mayo. I would usually eat at least two of these. A perfect day was when she would make both the mac and cheese and the tuna sandwiches.
So, what do I do on this snow day some 30 some odd years later since my Mom last made me a snow day lunch? I am at the very beginning of a 40 day challenge that a bunch of men friends and I are doing. One of my challenges is to weigh under 225 pounds by the end. This basically means about a pound of weight loss every 4 days. I have this craving for mac and cheese and tuna sandwiches. What do I do? I make a commitment to eating well today, that’s what I will do. Let the memories be memories and let the cravings be cravings. If you are anywhere near where I live, enjoy your snow day! Otherwise, enjoy your day at the beach.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you hear about the study that said people who spend a few minutes imagining they're eating the food they're craving, find that the imaginary eating takes away the craving? I've tried it. Kinda works. Unless I'm actually hungry and need nutrition. Then my brain will fixate on what I'm craving, and I'll want to sell those suckers who ran the study a bridge. But if I'm careful quickly to eat something nutritious, it helps.

    Anyway. I just bought your second cookbook, and am increasing my Cretinous ways. I have a few questions re the recipes. Is “boiled wheat” the same thing as bulghur? When you toss dried orange peel in the pot, does it disintegrate, or do you fish it out later like a bay leaf?

    Thanks. BTW, I was at your presentation at the pilates place, and you in no way resemble Jabba the Hut. Your neck looked painfully cramped, but that's all I noticed. You don't even have dunlop disease. (Grandpa told me dunlop disease is when your belly done lops over your belt. He had a serious case.)

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