The reason to lose weight

I was hiking this morning and struggling somewhat with the idea of turning around or getting to the top of the mountain.  I started thinking about why I was exercising at all and why I am pushing to lose weight.  What came to me was that I want to be realize the visions I have about my life and my relationships and my business.  I can’t do it where I’ve been over the past few years, because I don’t always have the energy to get things done.  My mind is scattered, my body tired and frankly I’m done being that way.  So, the vision is to lose weight and get in shape not for some magic number in the sky, but so that I can truly be the person I want to be in life:  Active, loving, in community, creative.  This is the reason to become more alive, to be in my body more, to be lighter.  It is a great vision that will help lead to my other visions.

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