There is an adventure waiting

Many of you have probably watched the Todd Bieber videos about the lost film in Manhattan.  He starts off saying that he has been wanting an adventure and then one comes to him.  He makes choices along the way as to whether to continue or not (picking up the film, bringing it with him, getting it developed, making a video about it) and it truly does lead him on an amazing journey.  If you haven’t watched these inspiring videos I have linked them below.  It is worth watching the whole series (about 8 minutes).   In each and every moment, we make decisions that can bring us to exciting new places if we choose to follow the inspirations within us.
May your day be filled with adventure and joy!

Video 1: Found:  Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard

Video2:  Found:  Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard:  Part 2

Video 3:  Found: Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard: Part 3

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  1. eyelift says:

    I am also waiting for his next adventures movie. I would like to see him as new character.

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