Turning 32

According to the statistics of the world, I will be turning 47 years old on Monday.  I have been feeling old lately.  Tired and emotionally dead.  Christine said to me the other day that sometimes she wishes we were both the same age (she is 15 years younger than me).  Today, we had a snow day and went skiing.  It was a beautiful day which made me feel more present than usual.  I thought about turning 47.  I thought about how old I would like to be.  When did I feel my best?  What age would make me feel like I still had plenty of time in this world?  First I thought of 38 years old, but that still felt older than I want to be.  I came to the conclusion that I would like to be 32 years old.  And then I remembered the whole manifesting thing.  Could I actually become 32 years old again?  Could I feel like I did then?  It would change how I am feeling generally about life right now.
I guess as with most things there is only one way to find out.
On Monday I will be turning 32.  Wish me a happy birthday!

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  1. I think 29 will be the number for me. It is probably all in the mind. The more you think that you are 32 and behave like 32, the more you start to believe you are that age. A guy once said, “you are as old as the woman you feel”. He might be right.

    Interesting post!

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