Two of Me

There are two of me.  I have always known they are there, but I really discovered them this week.
Monday-Get up early with Christine.  Join the gym.  Workout.  Full of energy all day.  Energy like I haven’t felt in years.
Tuesday-Go to the gym.  Eat well. Full of Energy.  Nearing the end of the day.  Looking for something to numb me out.
Wednesday-Get up at 5 a.m.  Get ready for workshop.  Tired, cranky.  Eat poorly, no exercise.  Feel like crap all day.  Do two workshops.  Go out to late dinner.  Stuffed lobster, beer, tequila, lot’s of butter and sour cream.  Did I mention feeling like crap.
Thursday-wake up groggy, tired, down.  Use the gym in the hotel I am staying at.  Start to feel clearer.

Two of me-
Energetic, clear, organized, letting go, moving

Tired, overeating, lethargic, depressed

I seem to be able to do the energetic me for about two days until something calls me to the other side.
I can do the tired me for years.

I asked for clarity and there it is.

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