Update: Day 38: Eatin Like A Cretan

My body is beginning to feel different.  I am no longer craving the foods I used to (ice cream, meats, sweets).  I crave greens cooked with olive oil and garlic and sourdough bread dipped in olive oil or topped with honey.  I have an apple for an afternoon snack.  I am drinking almost no coffee and instead have been choosing green tea with honey.  My daily fruit and vegetable intake has probably tripled.  The amount of animal products I eat has dropped dramatically.  I have discarded bread I once thought to be delicious as I find freshly baked, sourdough with the simplest of ingredients.  I feel more energy although I haven’t been exercising any more than I was (practically nothing).  There are still more pieces to learn here and more specifics to add, but this way of eating is beginning to take hold.  I am looking forward to learning more and eating and drinking more along this journey to a different way of being.

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