Visioning-Confessions of an Overweight Dietitian-Day 19

Today I started to vision myself at 192 pounds.
What would that look like?
Easier to move
Have more energy
Feel better about myself
I would be even more active than I am now
Taking care of my body in every moment
More confidant
Feel sexier

What would you like to start visioning in your life?

One Response to “Visioning-Confessions of an Overweight Dietitian-Day 19”

  1. jay says:

    The tough part about gaining weight is it not only affects you physically it affects you mentally and emotionally. Society can be cruel when it comes to this scenerio. I personally have several friends who are currently overweight. I can personally say I love them despite societies views and opinions. A site i go to view reviews of weight loss is I remember when I was 30lbs overweight and the way I was treated. Not cool.

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