Weigh-In and Goodbye-Confessions Day 29 Video

The end of an error.

This is the whole piece my cousin Jon wrote me last Thursday.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Give your scale to someone you hate.” Your weight is an incredibly inaccurate measurement of your progress. As you showed in your last video, your measurements are changing for the better! Who cares what the scale says!

Keep doing what you’re doing. Occasional stalls are perfectly natural and just your bodies way of taking a sanity check. “Should we stay here? Feels better than where we were? Whaddya think?” If you stay on target you will break through this and keep losing fat.

Remember that. You are losing FAT, not WEIGHT.”

Thanks Jon, I needed that.

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  1. Jason says:

    Hi Bill,

    I can so relate to this. I did 30 days straight of Bikram yoga, was eating much better, biking all over the place, and didn’t lose a single pound. And yet I looked better (haven’t really done measurements, I should.)

    Then, the last couple weeks, I stuffed myself on pizza for my grandmother’s birthday, went out to eat a couple times (had ribs), went on retreat where I ate all sorts of stuff all week… and I lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks and keep losing it and I don’t know why.

    So, yeah, plateaus happen, but even during my plateau I was *looking* better!


  2. Jaswinder says:

    Just take a deep breath. You have to face the facts, loinsg weight is hard. You’re going to HAVE to restrict yourself a little if you want to lose weight. And change your habits. You don’t have to give everything up though. Start slow, eat 5-6 times a day. Have breakfast, then a snack, then lunch, then a snack, then dinner. After dinner, have something small for dessert. Tell yourself you’re not giving up everything, just making changes. It’s GOING to be hard. If you really are serious about loinsg weight, you need to change your eating habits. Eat less at meals. Make a rule that you’ll eat a certain amount at every meal and stick with it. For snacks, stick to a granola bar or fruit or nuts. If you break your amounts of food up during the day, not only will you raise your metabolism, but you won’t be hungry all day long. You don’t have to go crazy exercising either, but it does help. My best friend is very thin and she doesn’t ever exercise. Literally, never. But, she listens to her body and eats what she wants, but only just enough to satisfy her. She doesn’t stuff herself with food. Your body will tell you what it wants, you just have to listen.Just stay strong. Right now, start a journal and tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT. If you want this bad enough, you’ll stick with it. Remember, eat to live, not live to eat. Food doesn’t rule our world. You can live without all those junk foods and such. All it takes is a little willpower and hard work. If you have a bad day, just tell yourself you’ll be better tomorrow.

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