Which Path Should I Travel?

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  1. Emily Dinder says:

    I am so disappointed. I get the feeling you are going to quit on me. Getting a daily blog was really a treat.

    I havenot been contributing by writing back. Are you looking for involvement or is making the post enough for you?

    You said you weren’t sure what “we” are going to do. Is Christina a part of this blog or is this your thing?

    So the things I have been noticing about myself is the emotional part of my eating. I have told myself in the past that I am not an emotional eater. That I eat the wrong things or too much. From your blog, I can see very clearly when I am in upset and immediately, I want a chocolate milkshake! And it will stay with me until I satisfy that craving.

    Now I have asked many friends, also with weight issues about what do you do to combat this habit. I haven’t gotten a good answer yet. Maybe I have to find my own answer.

    At least I can see clearly that I am an emotional eater. Step 1.

    I look for your blog posting everyday. It is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your struggle
    And for helping me see more about myself.

    • bill says:

      Hey Emily,
      Thanks for the e-mail! As you can see, I am not quitting. Thanks for the Feedback!
      If you want some great books on emotional eating look at any of the books by Geneen Roth or a book called “Intuitive Eating”, both highly recommended. Bill

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