Why I haven’t Talked about Food

There are about 14 bags of small dove dark chocolates in my office left over from a health fair we did a few months ago.

On some days, I will eat two or three of these in the afternoon.  They fulfill a craving for sweet and are about the healthiest thing beside fruit or nuts I could be eating for a snack.

Yesterday, I noticed that the nylon bag that holds all the bags of chocolate was zipped shut, the first time it was zipped up since the chocolates appeared.  I asked my friend, who also works with me, why it was shut and she said that she was thinking of going one step further and hiding them from me.

I know that her intention was to be helpful by hiding the chocolates, but what it actually did was make me feel like I couldn’t be trusted with food.  This made me feel angry and aggravated.

I am in a place where I trust myself with what I eat more and more everyday.  It really began when I gave up gluten and alcohol about 9 months ago.  I knew both of these foods were hurting my body because every time I ate wheat or drank a beer I would feel horrible afterwards.  Still, I had done this for years even though I knew something was making me sick.

The more aware I become of my body, the less I want to eat things that make me feel crappy no matter how “good” they taste in the moment.

Todays video is about trusting myself to eat what is best for my body and myself.   I might be eating chocolate when you watch it or I may be eating a salad or I might not be eating at all.  Whatever feels good.

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  1. Mary says:

    Bill, keep eating in moderation and what works for YOU. Can”t wait to see what you cook ontop of the mountain.

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