90 Day Challenge-WEIGH-IN

It has been 3 months since I finished the 120 day hiking challenge by climbing Mt. Greylock with my wife Christine.  Since then we have experienced the holidays and a rather nasty winter which has made it totally unexciting to exercise.

Let’s just say that my couch has had time to get reacquainted with me.



I have noticed something on my journey to weighing 192 pounds.  I usually lose around 8-10 pounds in about 2-3 months then I take a few months off and maybe gain a pound or two.  Then I start again.

So, here I am starting again……….

At my lowest in the last few months, I weighed 226.5, but mostly I have been around 229/230 pounds.  Yesterday, I weighed 230!  I am quite happy with that.

My goal for the next 90 days is to get into the teens which means weighing under 220 pounds.  That is about a pound loss per week for the next 12 weeks (90 days).

Goal by Monday, May 13th, 2013:  To weigh 219 pounds or less!!!!

How to get there:

Exercise every day for 1/2 hour to 1 hour

Meditate 20 minutes per day

Continue to eat more delicious Mediterranean Food!

Get support by inviting others to join me.


Does anyone want to join me?  Jump on the bandwagon!  Make a 90 day goal!  Let’s do it together!

3 Responses to “90 Day Challenge-WEIGH-IN”

  1. Mary says:

    Time to rock on! You got this!

  2. Irene Xanthoudakis says:

    Hi Bill,

    I’m tempted; I would really like to loose some weight in a way that’s healthy & sustainable.

    And I have the knowledge and the resources – I have a pretty good idea of what my challenges and road blocks are, I just can’t seem to find the extended motivation to overcome them.

    And what you’re suggesting above seems so reasonable.

    Can we work together? I can email you once a week w progress or something? What were you thinking, otherwise?

    And what are you doing as meditation?

    Irene Xanthoudakis

    • bill says:

      Hi Irene,
      I am excited to have people joining me for this challenge. I think the easiest thing to do would be to have a facebook page where we support each other. I am currently part of “The Living Life Streakers” which has about 100 members that support each other around a “streak” whether it be exercise or nutrition.
      I can get you into that group if you would like and we can see how that goes.
      As far as meditation, right now, I just sit for 20 minutes every morning and kind’ve let my mind wander. When I think about it I focus on my breath, but I am very easy with myself. It seems to have had really great results for me!

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