How to Lose Weight on the Mediterranean Diet ….Day 2 Preparation

I love bread!

I love bread!

Today, I have been looking through cookbooks for inspiration in my 10 week eating Mediterranean adventure.  Generally, I wouldn’t be too picky about what I eat as long as it is Mediterranean, but there are a few things I need to cut back on in order to lose weight:

1)  Bread – I love bread especially with lot’s of butter or olive oil.  Bread, in large amounts goes to the belly.  I will cut back drastically in the amount of bread I eat.  I won’t cut it out completely.

2)  Grains – I am going to experiment with this.  Grains include bread, but also include rice, millet, rice, etc.  I think keeping my daily servings of grains to 3 will be enough for weight loss.

3)  Nuts – I usually eat cashews, almonds, walnuts, and peanut butter.  I just need to be aware of how many I eat in a serving.  Maybe, putting them in single serving bags and only eating 1 bag per day.

4)  Alcohol – Not good for me.  Alcohol has a strong effect on me, makes me run down, so I will just keep away from it.

So, that’s pretty much it.  I had a question about what eating 95% Mediterranean means.  I will focus on eating all my meals Mediterranean, but if I run into a situation where this simply isn’t possible, I won’t panic, I will just eat what is available.  Also, there might be an occasional splurge which is entirely in the spirit of the Mediterranean Diet.

Have any of you had success losing weight on the Mediterranean Diet?  Do you have any suggestions?  See you tomorrow!

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