How to Lose Weight on the Mediterranean Diet …. Day 6 – Weekends


Dandelion Greens my wife picked from the backyard.


Dinner she made with the dandelion greens with potatoes, red peppers, onions, and vinegar!

Weekends in the summer can be difficult if you are trying to eat well.  We went to 2 events in the last 2 days that ended with cake of various types.  I have noticed a few things about cake: 1)  It’s hard to stop eating it, 2) It gives me indigestion (keeping me up at night), and 3) not good for weight loss.  I certainly made up for it today, enjoying greens at every meal including dandelion greens my wife picked from the backyard for dinner.

I have been eating lot’s of veggies, beans, and quite a bit of olive oil.  I have also been moving, hiking and walking, etc.

Mediterranean Weight Loss Tip:  Bring some fruit to parties that are going to end in chocolate ganache, lemon meringue pie, and chocolate cake with frosting.  Have a little cake, then eat the apple, or just simply run like hell!


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