Rebranding Ourselves

Me on Mt. Tom-April 2013

Me on Mt. Tom-April 2013

My company is going through a rebranding process.  We have 5 people involved and have met 3 times.  It is an exciting, daunting, sometimes overwhelming process.  We are creating a mission, company values, logos, new looks, and most importantly a very specific work plan.  It is amazing to have a group of talented people all with the sole vision of creating a strong, vibrant company focused on helping others with Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle.

Yesterday, when we met, a slightly uncomfortable subject was brought up (by me).  Being a lecturer on healthy lifestyle, my physical appearance is important.  We definitely agreed that a new look was in order.  This would include not only clothes and grooming, but also my physical appearance.  Again, I was the person bringing up this subject.  I am the one who wants to rebrand everything from my business to how I look.

When I think about rebranding my physical appearance, there is a component that is about weight loss, but there is also the desire to be physically stronger, more energetic, more present.

There is a step by step process to rebranding a company and there is a step by step process to rebranding ourselves as well.  Over the next week, I would like to share the process with you.  I invite you to go on the journey with me.

Rebrand yourself.



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  1. Mary Wiseman says:

    Bill, this is an exciting journey. I’m SO proud of you for taking these steps and continuing to re-invent yourself. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you. I’m looking forward to watching this process progress.

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